Jun 11 2007

First Anne Robinson Now Thomas Cook…

Category: Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 3:24 pm

The UK Travel Agent Thomas Cook has sent out a memo to staff in Bangor, dictating that any business related conversations should only be carried out in English. The Welsh Language Board have stated they are disappointed with the company, and the Commission for Racial Equality in Wales are investigating the situation, asking Thomas Cook to explain why this edict was issued. They warned that the policy may be in breach of the Race Relations Act.

The company told their staff that they must use only English for business conversations. In the North of Wales, Welsh is often the primary language used – in the same way that many Kazakh families only use Russian if someone who can’t speak Kazakh is present.

A Thomas Cook spokeswoman stated that their policy applied to all non-English languages. A company statement read “Thomas Cook requests that all staff speak English when discussing work-related matters in the work place.”

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