Apr 18 2011

Finger Picking And Richard Simmons

Category: VideosChrisM @ 11:54 am

OK, so apparently I’m a little behind the rest of the internet in discovering this video (thanks to 9gag’s RSS feed for the heads up), but like the 12 year old Lady Gaga covering pianist, or the Kazakh song Yellow Steppe, sometimes I can’t help but put a video on this blog for your viewing and/or listening pleasure…

Trance played on an acoustic guitar (OK, so it obviously seems like there is a pedal involved, but you know what I mean) sounds like a pretty funky concept in isolation. Check out the video to see how cool it is. No idea about the Mortal Kombat outfit he is wearing, I’m intending to check out his other videos and site later…

Richard Simmons does a flight safety video for Air New Zealand. Whether you personally like the man and his approach to getting fit, I guarantee you would at least pay a little more attention to the safety messages the first time this clip came up on the screen in front of you!

Re. Ewan Dobson’s Raiden outfit in the first video here – it seems to be a running theme in his clips. Check here for a YouTube playlist of some his other tracks. It looks as though they may be part of a guitar teaching method? Finally, check out his page here to buy an album or guitar tab thingies.