Aug 10 2007

Finally Met Mira…

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Though I think I should check how to spell her name tomorrow – Ira (or Mira) if you read this before I speak to you next, feel free to leave a comment laughing at my attempt to spell the name 🙂
Anyway, for those who don’t know, she works with Ira over at KazMunaiGaz, and seems like a nice lady. We all went to the EastWest restaurant, as BG (British Gas) had organized a charity event to raise funds for Kazakhstan’s Paralympics team. The idea is to raise enough cash to help them attend next year’s Olympics over in Beijing. They also made reference to the BG Energy Challenge, another event to raise cash, where teams from companies are sponsored to take part in what looked like a cross between an endurance challenge, and the TV show It’s A Knockout. We arrived perfectly on time to the restaurant (which in Kazakhstan means about 50 minutes after the official start!), and eventually found a table to accommodate the three of us, sitting next to two Kazakh ladies. I forgot to bring my camera, and the shots I took with my mobile are not very good. (I also need to get ActiveSync working first anyway), but I’ll try and post photos later on today or tomorrow if I can.

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