Jun 26 2008

Feline Freddy Fortunately Not Fried

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 12:45 am

(You try finding a synonym for ‘not’ beginning with F 🙂 )

Lucky Feline Freddy

Yes, that is a cat perched next to live power lines . Luckily, he was rescued successfully without being shocked, and returned home under his own steam. If he had straddled two live power lines, unless the voltage was identical at the time, he would have been unlikely to survive, even ignoring the fall that would have resulted. No word as to whether Freddy went up the pole to chase birds, escape a dog, or just fancied sunning himself somewhere a little higher than normal. Another addition to my list of reasons why our cats are definitely house bound. (Which is quite normal over here, especially with the roads in this area. Ira’s parent’s cats live in a house with a garden and a very quiet road, so spring and summer see them having more freedom.) Check out the article here.

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