May 24 2011

Father’s Day 2010

Category: Anna's Photos,Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 1:43 pm

The 20th of June 2010 was Father’s Day (unlike Mother’s Day, Britain and America seem to use the same date), and I had a lovely surprise from Anna (with perhaps a little bit of help from Irina 🙂 ). I was given a lovely hand made card with her hand print on the front, and a t-shirt that you can see below. As it was another lovely weekend, we sat out in the garden, with Anna enjoying the fresh air and running around. I can’t remember right now if I’ve already published photos of Anna’s paddling pool, but you can see it below. I’m hoping this year to try and get Irina and her parents to accept the fact that children who have normal cool tap water in their pool don’t get pneumonia, and that hot water isn’t totally necessary, especially on hot days, but I have the feeling this could be a long discussion!