Feb 11 2010

Fat Suitcases

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:13 am

It now looks as though Irina may manage to fit all the clothes etc. into one suitcase, rather than two. We will have more items coming back from Britain, but once we are actually there, we will know how much extra capacity we need, and can buy a new holdall/suitcase over there. 40kg for two people and a baby sounds like a decent amount, allowing for six weeks away from home, but by the time you allow for presents, new clothes for Anna, the weight of the suitcase (around 5kg) etc., it starts to dwindle very quickly. I’ve sometimes wondered whether airlines would take any notice of dieting at check in time… Arriving in this country I weighed x Kg, I’ve since lost 5Kg, so surely I’m allowed an extra five kilos in my luggage? Sadly this probably won’t hold much water with them, but it might be worth a try if we ever get really desperate. Just need to lose the weight whilst enjoying all the junk food I’ve missed from home in the last nine months!

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