Nov 18 2007

Farties Resuscitated!

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 2:28 am

To be honest, after my initial Fart Per Post entry, I did check back every 10 days or so, waiting for an update. By the looks of it, I should have not lost my faith so quickly… If you care to take a moment and check September’s and October’s over at Fart Per Post, you can see the team behind the awards are back, and naming and shaming some of the offenders bought to their attention. Whilst not all sponsored posts no this blog are pride-filling, Pulitzer nominated pieces, from the amount of splogs I come across each day, I still feel that this blog has not done too badly, since it commenced the commercial aspect of its existence, back in April. Visitor numbers are still slowly increasing overall, and I have only had one disgruntled reader complain about the sponsored posts. And he was just unhappy that I wouldn’t allow him a free link to his company.
Anyway, check the FPP blog, leave a comment, or just laugh at some of the blogs highlighted.