Dec 10 2009

Fanboy In Indignant Ignorant Idiot Shocker!

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 12:49 am

An example of when a fanboy does absolutely nothing for Kazakhstan’s image can be found here. Lucky’s video (originally to be part of a series, which now seems a little less likely) was shot
Almazonly came along and decided that Lucky was some how being insulting to Almaty/Kazakhstan, and jumped in with a comment telling him he was ignorant. With such hostility, lack of basic comprehension of what he was commenting on, and inability to actually put across what he was thinking, anyone who comes across the comment could easily have their view on Kazakhstan tarnished. That said, Almazonly did have a cool video on marijuana growing in South Kazakhstan. Sadly it seems to have been removed already?
Anyway, I’ve just gone back and watched it again (I drafted this post a while back), to make sure this wasn’t the video where Lucky deliberately made up information and mis-labelled famous landmarks in Almaty.

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