Apr 27 2010

Family Friendly Taxis Of Interest?

Category: Kazakh Driving,KazakhstanChrisM @ 5:43 pm

Recently this blog has started to get a lot more traffic from people interested in life in Kazakhstan again, though I have not really been writing a lot more about Astana. One thought I had is to create a list of taxi companies that might be of interest to families living in the capital. One of the problems you find is that many cars either have the seat belts in the back hidden away, with the drivers not always wanting to pull up the seats to retrieve the anchor mechanisms. Worse than that, some cars have actually had the seat belts cut out off them, as people complain they “get in the way”. So, since Anna has been in Astana, we have tried to keep a list of drivers that own cars with working seatbelts – there isn’t a lot of point in using car seats otherwise. Would such a compilation interest anyone?
It is of course a generalization, but I’ve also found that the drivers that care enough to ensure their rear seatbelts are in good working order, also seem to drive a little more safely. One of the people we use the most definitely amends his driving style when there are children in the car.

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