Jul 07 2007

Familiar Voices In A Strange Land

Category: Eating Out,Friends,Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 2:39 am

The other night, Alex, Ira and I went out for meal in a restaurant near the river. It was a lot busier than the last couple of times we had been there, and a few patrons seemed to have problems remaining perpendicular to the ground. Anyway, about half way through our meal, I swore I heard someone speaking in English, but I couldn’t make out the specific words. Searching around for the likely culprit, we noticed a table without any Kazakh looking people, and I kept an ear out for any words that wafted our way.
Eventually, I gave up being subtle, and just asked someone from their table if they were indeed English, when they passed us. Turns out it was an office outing, and indeed there were some English speakers there. If he ever happens to read this, I should probably apologise for the grilling we gave him on his life over here, it was just quite unusual to come across a fellow Brit 🙂

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