Apr 17 2007

Falling Free

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Falling Free by Lois McMaster Bujold

You will be seeing a LOT more of her books reviewed by me in the coming weeks, but I’ve decided this is the first one I’ll mention.
This book isn’t part of the series I’ll be talking about later, so I should probably start by mentioning the sort of book this is. If you think of a story about corporate ethics, set in space, in the not too distant future, and then add a dash of cross-planetary romance, you’re heading in the right direction. Oh and a genetically altered race of people, with 4 arms and no legs. (You don’t need legs when there is no gravity, no fixed ‘up’ or ‘down’.
Compared to the other books I’ve read from the author, this one is definitely more heavy on the SciFi side of things that the character-led series of Miles Vorkosigan. You will find many other reviewers have decided they couldn’t recommend this book, but if you get the opportunity to read it, I would.

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