May 04 2007

Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury

After this review, I’m returning to the Dave Barry Series, in case anyone is waiting for the completion…

Anyway, back to the book in this review – Fahrenheit 451. This book is almost a byword for censorship, both of the physical kind (book burning in this case) and of the eventual self-imposed censorship people can place themselves under when they have lived in a repressive society for too long.
The main character (Guy Montag) is a fireman, but not in the sense we would expect. Although his profession’s roots are in putting out fires, their main role is now to destroy almost all books. The government of the day had decreed that all bad influences should be eradicated, and people are encouraged to report on friends, family and neighbours if they suspect they have a secret stash of literature. In this way, many people have drawn parallels between this book and 1984. However the writing style is quite different.
The book follows the transition of Montag from a book burner to a hounded criminal on the run, and the ending is near apocalyptic, with bombing raids on Montag’s home town. Prior to this, Montag looks up an old teacher, to try and help him out.
This is another classic that deserves to be read when you get some free time. If you don’t have any time, make some!

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