Dec 30 2007

Enough Of The Intro, Onto The Main Content

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OK, first things first, if you are reading this blog, you have either decided to visit Kazakhstan, or are at least considering the possibility.
You SHOULD go to Google, or your favourite search engine, and do a little research beforehand, especially if this will be your first trip. This blog are pretty much just random thoughts, as they occur to me, rather than an attempt at a comprehensive guide to this interesting country.
There will be some things posted here, that you may disagree with, once you have visited Kzk. Fair enough, I’m not touting this text as anything other than my own personal view of life over here.
There may be some factual errors, or facts simply presented a little too simplistically, or without any polite ‘fluff’ around.
All info typed here has been collated from personal experience, if you want solid facts, I suggest something like the CIA’s page on Kazakhstan.
Anyway, enough of the preliminary blurb, onto the meat of the matter:

Things that may grab your attention whilst you’re over here:

Men nearly always shake hands upon meeting one another, even more so if it is the first time you’ve met. Women don’t. If they are family, there may be a peck on the cheek, or a quick embrace. This area is still a little fuzzy to me, so I just stand back and accept whatever comes my way :>

That is all I’m posting for today, will try and post some more tomorrow – better to learn to walk before I try sprinting. OK, well jogging maybe…

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