Apr 22 2007

DVI Confusion?

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OK, I think I finally understand what is actually possible, and what is actually needed to connect my PC to my TV.
The PC has an Asus 7900GT graphics card, and the TV is the one I may possibly have mentioned in passing the last week or so ;> – Sony KDL 40W2000.
I am currently using a component connection between the two (the TV-out of the PC allows component/S-Video/composite, so obviously compononent is the best bet there).
I could use a VGA cable – 15 pin high density, standard analogue cable. But I don’t happen to have a 6 metre VGA cable lying around.
However, even if I did have one, what I want is an interference free, purely digital connection.
So, using one of the DVI-I connections on the back of the graphics card, I need a lead to connect to one of the HDMI sockets on the TV.
With me so far?

Now, after running in circles, metaphorically, I’ve finally understood what is actually needed, and what should be avoided.
Mainly thanks to the DataPro website, which explains everything quite well here, and then summarizes everything into a table for you here.
The table is very useful, as you can simply check the specifications of your output/source (PC in my case) and input/display (TV in this case), and then match up what you have, to find out what you need.
If you need any further graphical confirmation, I’d recommend the last section of this page from RAM Electronics.

I’d just like to point out, NONE of this post is commercial/for money, I’ve just had a hard time getting my head around what I actually needed to buy, and hope it helps others. Or me in the future, if I end up ordering the cable after a drink or two ;>

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