Dec 17 2010

Dubstep Snowman

Category: Friends,Personal,VideosChrisM @ 12:27 am

HUGE thanks to Marcus Brigstocke for tweeting a link to this video. Once Anna is up in the morning, I’ll be able to crank up the volume to appreciate some of the bass, but for now, I’m thinking this will feature heavily in the coming days as we prepare to relocate to Britain for a couple of weeks.
The general plan is to be based in Clydach (the one near Swansea) with Mum, John and little Gwen, and pop over to Evesham and Gloucestershire (staying with Dad and seeing Cheltenham area based friends) just after New Year. Sadly we’ll be leaving again around the 8th of January so I’m hoping that…
a) We’ll somehow manage to see most people during the two or three days we’ll be around Gloucestershire (though obviously most of the time we’ll be in Evesham with Dad)


b) A few people will manage to stay sober for long enough to drive over to Clydach and visit us all there. Those willing to make the short trip will be welcomed with open arms/full pint and/or shot glasses/cheery smiles (delete as appropriate).

I’ll be tagging people in Facebook (in the hope that this will catch their attention more than if they find their facebook homepage is flooded with Xmas-related messages from their friends) once it is imported over there, so if you want to respond with a “yes, it has been months/years since we caught up, we’ll make the effort to travel into Cheltenham town centre/Evesham/South Wales as you’ve all again travelled over 3000 miles to try and meet friends as well as family” can do so via facebook/blog comments/e-mail/IM/phone.

Oh, and before I forget, head over to Linton Brown’s facebook page for more tracks from the genius who created Dubstep Snowman. If you want an MP3 of DS, head here.

Finally, if you can’t see the video due to seeing this post in facebook, check out and this post will most likely still be on the front page for a week or so.