Apr 19 2009

Driving Home For Gold

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 8:43 pm

I watched the highlights from today’s F1 race earlier on (closely followed by having an unexpected ‘nap’ on the sofa… thirty years old tomorrow, and already acting like a grandad 🙂 ), and was most impressed with the drivers’ skill in negotiating high speed corners in incredibly wet conditions. When we drove back from London last week, I actually pulled off the motorway and hid from the rain in a service station, the visibility was so bad! The thought of driving at three times the speed, with other people trying to beat me in a race is a little too much. Am I completely out of touch with F1 these days, as it looks as though Ferrari doesn’t see podium finishes way too often now. Is this just since the much-publicised rule changes, or just a general down turn in their fortunes? I’m sure that if SheilaB from my old work is reading this, she will be able to give me the full run down…

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