Oct 28 2006

Drive In Theatre ???

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OK, so not sure if this is going to be a permanent feature, or simply for a one off event, but opposite to us, very near the entrance to Astana park there has been a sign/board/screen constructed. For a couple of months, we weren’t sure what it was for, as the angle did not suit the normal billboard advertisements targeted at motorists, nor did it look like it would catch the attention of park strollers.
However, a new sign has been displayed today, proudly proclaiming something along the lines of ‘Drive In Theatre’ (or Theater for our USA readers/spellers), and the screen itself has been warped to a curve (not sure why, maybe going for one of those 180° immersive film shows?).
I’m hoping they will not use wired speakers for the audio of any films they show, as this would mean I’d need to buy/borrow a car, and drive 150 metres to watch the film. (Yes I’m capable of walking across the road, but would you fancy sitting to watch a movie, in a car park, in the winter over here?)
Instead, I’m hoping the cinema will use short range (but not TOO short ;> ) FM radio transmitters, so people can just tune their car radios (or a radio in their flat) to a certain frequency, and hear the film’s soundtrack.
I’m at the in-laws this afternoon, but will upload on Sunday the photos I took this morning of the scene.

[edit] as promised, here are the photos…
1st we have a close up shot of the area
Taken From Flat Window Drive In Theatre Close Up

Now we have a shot with less zoom, to give an idea of where the cinema is in comparison to the road and our flat
Taken From Flat Window Drive In Theatre

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