Mar 11 2009

Drive And Walk Or Just Walk?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 2:08 pm

As I look through the blindsin the upstairs study, I see a green hillside covered in mist (or is that fog, I can never remember when to use each term), but no rain yet. Irina originally wanted to drive down to the coast, over by the Mumbles and go for a walk with Anna. I’d prefer a walk down to the local mini-park, as sod’s law dictates that the moment we’ve finished getting ready for the car, driven down and parked, that worse weather will hit. Conversely, if we do decide to just go for a local walk, the weather will probably quickly change for the better and glorious sunshine will bathe us all… Things still needing to be done today (I’m hoping that publicly posting this will be enough of a catalyst to actually get on with the day 🙂 ) are faxing a copy of our marriage certificate overseas, going for that walk, fixing Dad’s computer (I think he has two antivirus clients running concurrently, and helping John with both his old and new blogs, and checking his gallery is set up OK).

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