Dec 10 2007

Don’t Go Giving Gwen Nightmares…

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 3:49 am

Dog Intimidator

For anyone who doesn’t remember, or is perhaps new to this blog, Gwen is the name of Mum and John’s dog, and I would like to ask them to make sure she does not read this post…

The reason? Head on over to this article, for details on how a pack of hungry squirrels allegedly attacked a stray dog that was bothering them. I am not too sure if this story is more of an exaggerated chinese whispers incident, much like the nicotine addicted (and therefore ciggy stealing) squirrels that we allegedly had back down in Bournemouth, but whatever the case, the BBC seem to see fit to treat it as news, and it is not every day you hear of such small rodents taking on a serious foe, so I thought I’d throw the link out, and see what people thought.

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