Sep 02 2007

Don’t Blame The Net…

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 2:02 am

Put simply, Vint Cerf has said that the internet is NOT the root of all evil in today’s world. Instead, it is merely a reflection of the state of society in these troubled times. Without sick or misguided people who want to read or watch sites that contain dubious content, the pages would not be created.
As an example, he argued against the Tory’s latest plea for some new support, in which they tried to suggest sites like YouTube should restrict content based on a viewer’s age. I think the best quote was “When you have a problem in the mirror you do not fix the mirror, you fix that which is reflected in the mirror.” Anyway, I believe he puts his case well, click here to listen to the interview originally broadcast back in Britain on Radio 4.

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