Jan 21 2008

Do You Remember?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:49 pm

When we recently returned to Cheltenham, I discovered that the Night Owl club had reopened. For many people my age, this club was the first they were able to get into, originally because the bouncers didn’t look too closely at the patrons, in terms of their age, and even when there was a town-wide crack down on under-age drinking, the Night Owl bouncers tended to let you in with just the flimsiest of fake ID cards. Anyway, after it was called the Night Owl, it went out to be called Mistys, and then The Attic. Sadly, the club shut for a while, then someone decided to try setting a “gentleman’s club” there, and also a gym. Before all of that though, it was originally called the Blue Moon, where they played Jazz, and who knows, perhaps the live bands played some in the smoky rooms?

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