Feb 20 2008

Do As I Say…

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 8:03 pm

Not as I (and my governor brother, Daddy’s friends Supreme Court judges) did…

Head on over to Bush calls for fair Zimbabwe poll for a good laugh. Kettle. Pot. Black. (Please modify to your tastes.)

OK, so perhaps comparing Bushes previous highly dubious election ‘win’ to the diabolical regime in Zimbabwe is taking it a little too far, but seriously, did none of his advisers think people would draw parallels betwixt them?

To be fair, G Dubbya Bush came out comparatively well in his ‘frank’ interview with the BBC’s Matt Frei (see here for the transcript. You do have to read it out loud to understand some of his sentences, but I expect we all fall prey to that occasionally. I know a couple of Americans who’ve told me that whilst George Jr. is certainly no great orator, he does actually come off pretty badly when foreign/American liberal media portray him as a half wit. Even if he was well rehearsed for the interview, he went up in my esteem slightly. Very important to him, I’m sure 😉

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