Apr 27 2007

Diplomatic Immunity

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Diplomatic Immunity – Lois McMaster Bujold

Returning to the traditional novel format, Lois finally bowed to fan-pressure. (OK, no proof of that, to be honest, but I know people were asking her if they’d return) The Quaddies return :> (See the Falling Free review)

Miles and his wife go on their honeymoon, whilst their babies are approaching full term in their uterine replicators. (The same system that enabled Miles to be born after the attack on his mother and father). When Miles and Ekaterin are returning home, his friend the Emperor dispatches Miles to sort a problem with the Quaddies.

Not only does he have to use all his mental faculties to try and sort out the initial incident, but another conflict is brewing, both on the inter-stellar scale, but also domestically – if he isn’t back home before his children are ‘born’ his mum & wife will have his guts for garters.

That marks the end of my Vorkosigan Saga book reviews, we have 3 more offerings from the same author to come, but these are based in a different time and universe.

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