Dec 03 2009

Digital, HD And Aliens

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So, apparently people in the Swansea area of Wales no longer have an analogue terrestrial TV signal! All channels must be viewed via either Freeview boxes (or integrated units in newer sets), satellite boxes (obviously mostly Sky STBs in Britain) or a cable box. Mum and John have a Sky box, a Freeview box, a Freeview recording device and Freeview built into one of their tellies, and of course a modern high gain aerial, however some sort of technical hitch means most of the televisions in the house aren’t currently showing what they should be capable of. If it isn’t sorted by next February/March, I’ll hopefully figure out what has gone wrong for them.
The picture below? Taken from a strip at AbstruseGoose, it shows what any aliens would be watching right now, if they happened to be monitoring our transmissions. Obviously the further away from our planet they are, the ‘older’ the signal would be that they could pick up right now.

TV Watched Across The Universe

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