Jul 23 2007

Differences Between British Pubs And Kazakh Cafes

Category: Eating Out,KazakhstanChrisM @ 2:58 am

OK, a misleading title perhaps as I first want to mention the similarities – they both serve alcohol, they both sometimes have music playing in the background, and people tend to socialise there.
The differences? Well, people tend to eat with their drink over here – if British people drank as much spirits on an evening out, but skipped the meal or snack, there would be a lot more pavement pizzas around. Then there is the closing time – unless you are a lucky Brit, and know your local landlord well enough to be included in lock-ins, the time to leave can be quite cut and dry, and sadly early, unless they have applied for a late licence; in Kazakhstan, I am sure they do eventually throw people out, but I have not come across it yet. Lastly, most cafes/bars we have been to here do not have an abundance of bar stools on hand, I suppose this is probably related to the first point – if you are eating something, you want a table to lay your plate upon…