May 03 2007

Dave Barry’s Only Travel Guide You’ll Ever Need

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Dave Barry’s Only Travel Guide You’ll Ever Need – Dave Barry

More from Dave, should be done by the weekend, back to a more varied selection then, I promise…
Well, anyway, here the author takes a look at tourism, with his usual cynicism. Although this a topic often covered by stand up comics, Dave still manages to eek out some humour from oft-described situations. One favourite quote of mine is on the lottery of trying to get your luggage after a long unconformtable flight – “where passengers traditionally gather at the end of a flight to spend several relaxing hours watching the arrival of luggage from some other flight, which comes randomly spurting out of a mysterious troll-infested tunnel that is apparently connected to another airport, possibly in a different dimension.”
The book itself was written pre-9/11, so a few differences stand out, but it is still funny. Just don’t try the airport security-baiting tricks 🙂