May 12 2011

Dancing With A Car

Category: Anna's VideosChrisM @ 7:34 pm

This is the last of the posts with clips that have Anna in them, shot on the 22nd May 2010. I still see quite a few new visitors to this site, so to those who haven’t seen previous explanations, the inclusion of the date in each of Anna’s photo or video posts isn’t necessarily some sort of OCD indicator! It is just that these two categories get automatically imported by Anna’s own site, and eventually I want to set those post date’s to when the media was originally recorded.

These similar clips were shot when we didn’t have a CD player in the kitchen in Chubary, however Anna seemed to like the noises her little car made, so she would occasionally press the button and do her little Anna dance for us 🙂 Luckily Irina thought to record it.

This one was recorded the next day, but as it was so similar, it seemed to make more sense to pop it into this post