Feb 26 2011

Dan Will Moan Less Now

Category: VideosChrisM @ 3:46 pm

At least I hope he will – this post finally marks the end of the Remi Gaillard videos. We have the original Mario/Remi Kart video first, where he dresses up as everyone’s favourite Italian brother (btw, Mario’s name must be Mario Mario, as the early games all had Mario Brothers in their title… so Luigi Mario and Mario Mario should surely be their correct names?), and jumps in a go kart to drive around the city of Montpellier. The same safety/idiocy issues arise, but I can’t help admitting it is entertaining to watch, especially the police encounter.

Then we have his chilling encounter with an ice hockey team. If I had to choose one sport to annoy some players in, I’d probably not go for the ones with big sticks, body armour and sharp blades on their feet. Which is why Remi makes these videos and not me I suppose…

Finally we have a Native American in France, burning, smoking, hunting and playing with a cowboy

OK Dan, this site is now returning to normal, you can’t stop your complaining now 🙂