Dec 10 2009

Cutting Out The Midnight Lullabies

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:12 am

Last night saw a huge improvement with Anna and her sleeping habits. We have heard from some friends how their little ones virtually sleep right through the night, but Anna has nearly always been one for 3 hour sleeps, interspersed with a good feed. Our friends don’t seem to have dark circles under their eyes, and we have been hoping that Anna would gradually sleep for longer periods under her own steam.
Hopefully last night is an indicator of things to come, as she went from 9.30pm until 5am-ish, with NO FEEDS! 🙂 She was still waking up, but we had decided that another bout of training for her was required. I went in (Mummy=milk at that time of night) if she was crying, reassured her all was OK, told her to sleep and quickly and quietly left the room. I left it 5 minutes, and if Anna was still crying, repeated the procedure. After 10 minutes, if she was still crying, repeated the visit, reassurance and hug if she was standing up in her cot. U then left it 15 mins (I’m sure you get the idea). By the end of the night she was doing really well. There is hope yet for Irina and me to eventually both get a solid night’s sleep 🙂

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