May 27 2011

Cruising The Park

Category: Anna's VideosChrisM @ 1:36 am

The day after having a lovely meal at Melnitza, we took Anna into the park across the road from us (Astana Park is name I think). Although obviously she had been walking for quite a while already, we tended to take the pushchair with us back then for long distances, as if she got too tired, she was already a little heavy to carry around constantly.
Within Astana park, in the Summer months, there are normally at least a couple of different places that you can rent remote controlled cars. However, these aren’t 1:32 scale models that you race around, these are mini electric cars that you can put your son or daughter in, and then safely control whilst walking behind them. There are also traditional pedal powered go karts, but until Anna understands the concept of holding on, leaning into corners, and NOT trying to jump off of moving objects, the remote control ones are fine with me 🙂