Oct 07 2008

Criminal Caught In Covert Capture Car Catastrophe!

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 9:42 pm

Whilst your average car thief might not consider a full-on balaclava or fancy dress mask necessary, if they had a tattoo detailing their name and date of birth, you would assume some sort of cover-up, even if just a turtle neck sweater, was a smart move. Apparently not, at least for Aarron Evans, as you can see from the video here! He received a twenty eight weeks custodial sentence for stealing a GPS device from the police honey pot car, after having asked for ten other offences to be taken into consideration.
Aarron Evans Bristol Car Theft
The image above it from a Daily Mail article, where they’ve obviously highlighted the tattoo’s details to clarify how the officers managed to find him so quickly.

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