Jan 19 2011

Country And Dream Wrecker

Category: Personal,VideosChrisM @ 8:37 pm

Two-faced lying scum bag.

(Check around 3:55 for a clip of Jody McIntyre being assaulted for the second time that day, again dragged out of his wheelchair. See the earlier Police. Lib Dems. BBC. Scum post for a little more background on this. I hadn’t originally noticed one of the copper’s colleagues forcibly dragging the fumb as duck copper away from the scene at 4:08)

4:27 is where the deputy prime minister of the ConDem-ed nation of Britain (pre-election) pledged to resist, vote against and campaign against any lifting of that [student fees] cap. As you may well have gathered from this and other posts, I used to be mostly proud of being a Liberal Democrat supporter and voter. Pre-election I had raised the possibility of a Labour Lib-Dem coalition as being an ideal result in my idealistic world. People had laughed at the prospect of such a possibility, and TBH, I’m glad it didn’t occur. From a selfish point of view though, I wish the Conservatives had come into power without the Liberal Democrats’ help though, as my hopes for the future politics of Britain wouldn’t have been smashed apart so vehemently.

Obviously I don’t feel the same way re. standing tall with a full frame and staking a claim when it comes to the wonderfully democratic and fair-to-all country that currently hosts me. Besides, here in the glorious Republic of Kazakhstan there is no reason for people to want to protest at any (wrongly) perceived injustices. You’d also need to get permission first anyway, with even more paperwork required than for those wanting to protest in Britain’s Parliament Square!