May 28 2008

Cooling Down Finally

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 3:27 am

Both personally, and the flat itself… I’ve not yet posted the pictures from our camping trip over the weekend, but I got quite badly sun burnt on my head, and ended up getting a little ill. Anyway, I’ll learn in the future that just because hair used to cover my whole head, I don’t have automatic life-long protection from sun burn, and will start applying the sun block a little more liberally.
Secondly, we finally got around to checking the instruction manual on our air conditioning unit (OK, that ‘we’ is a lie, I left it to Ira – I was too paranoid about blowing up my saviour from 27/28 degree working conditions) on how to clean it. So now we can turn it on for the first time this year, and as I write this post, the flat has already cooled down to a nice 23 degrees. All round, a cool day 🙂