Oct 02 2009

Content Is Missing?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 2:58 am

I know, I know, a whole page of the blog with nothing but my Xbox 360 moaning it hasn’t been played in over a week (not true, it just isn’t connected to the internet here), and a few random tweets. The reason for the lack of ‘normal’ (lmao) posts? We have been house/pet sitting whilst the in-laws are on holiday in Turkey, and as the PC is in the same room as where Irina, Anna and I sleep, I haven’t wanted to wake anyone up. (Friends/long term readers will remember that most stuff gets written, if not actually published, in the small wee hours). Combine that with rebuilding a friend’s PC (they finally bought a legal copy of Russian Windows XP (a real rarity over here in Kazakhstan), during which I decided flash drives were an unsuitable method of backing up his 64Gb worth of My Documents!
So, we’re returning home to our own flat soon (unless you’re a well read burglar, in which case I’m writing this sat in our own flat, polishing the shot gun and setting the trip-wires and bear traps), and I hope I’ll be posting more regularly again soon. Apart from anything else, I have a large collection of links sat in Firefox’s tabs, an even larger one lurking in my bookmarks in Firefox, and a few Anna photos to publish as well.

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