Jun 10 2010

Confessions Of A SysAdmin

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 11:23 am

Not at all related to the 70s UK film series Confessions Of A… (sex comedies, thought of at the time as soft-core porn), an article over at The Register caught my attention. Before I get back to that, I’d never realised that John Le Mesurier (Dad’s Army star) was in Confessions Of A Windows Cleaner.
Anyway, back on track, I’ve closed the Wikipedia page so no more distractions… So, a systems admin (Trevor Pott) wrote a short article on how a couple of simple small things allowed a conficker infection to survive a cleaning purge on his network, and what he could have done differently (with hindsight, obviously) to prevent it.
Not particularly thrilling for most readers of this site, I understand, but the sort of train of logic and problem solving that I sometimes miss here in Kazakhstan.

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