Jun 17 2012

Concert Compilation

Category: Friends,Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 9:10 pm

I’ve removed the individual tweets from the concert I attended on Friday night, and put the photos into this post, so as to not have short tweets dominating the front page of this blog.

So, it was a concert of Choral & Instrumental music, where I managed to recognise the orchestra playing the “Piano romp music from Tall Guy film” and “Gershwin’s Galaxy Chocolate melody”. I’m obviously such a classical music aficionado, me! After the orchestra, and before the choir, we had some young children playing for the audience. There were two dombra players (one is picture below), a small girl singing (very brave, not sure the song selected was the best to showcase her talents, too many difficult notes to hold), and a piano player. The concert was held at the “dog bowl”. (Sorry, I don’t know what the real name is right now, it was near the pyramid.)