Sep 22 2010

Compaq Windows XP Drivers

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:11 pm

See the last Virtumonde related post for more information, but I’m currently cleaning up, tweaking and updating a friend’s laptop. For some reason, after installing Windows XP’s Service Pack 3, I had major problems with the display being severely under performing. It has been a while since I saw Windows in a 640×480 resolution, and probably close to twenty years since I encountered a 4-bit colour scheme!
Anyway, there were a few other hangovers from the massive updating done (it seems it hadn’t been allowed to update Windows or the anti-virus app in a long, long time), but most of these were simple to fix. For some reason, finding the correct drivers for a Compaq Presario 2500 series laptop (a 2580US to be specific) wasn’t easy. I don’t know whether Compaq don’t optimize for SEO very well (lack of clear results from Google), and if they don’t think people will easily need to be able to find drivers for a slightly old laptop, but if you find yourself in the same position, here here. I can currently only vouch for the video card drivers as working well, but I’ll be checking if the other drivers are more recent and an improvement later.

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