Feb 13 2009

Come One, Come All, To This Beetle Bug Ball

Category: Friends,VideosChrisM @ 2:35 pm

OK the so the post title has nothing to do with the video at all, but I couldn’t think of a better one than lifting a favourite line of mine from Taskforce’s “Butterfly Concerto”…

Anyway, back on track… from Alex’s bro (either he or she introduced me to a lot of good UK sounds), a new vid uploaded to YouTube. He has asked for any comments to be left directly over there. Assuming you have a YouTube account, any ratings would also be appreciated I’m sure.

My original Comment from over there.

Great vid, embedding on the blog. Cheers for the heads up on Butterfly Concerto.
If you don’t mind some constructive criticism, to take this style of relaying the spraying experience, you could selectively reset the speed to normal/slo-mo, at appropriate points.
Anywhere involving intricate parts, or times in the video when a new visual shape or concept suddenly becomes clear. Timed in with bass beats for sync would look sweet 🙂 VirtualDub is versatile enough 2do a lot of stuff when u have time

I’ll start trying to tie in the post title’s and the content again soon…

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