Nov 19 2010

Co0kie Mad

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 1:51 am

If you have a Windows Mobile device, and your interface is Sense 2.5, then Co0kie’s Home Tab (CHT) and Co0kie’s Home Tab Editor (for making most of the tweaks) are most definitely worth checking out. I’ll post a few photos first, to give you an idea of the changes made. The first six concentrate on CHT’s modifications to the GUI, and the last three are just for reference, in case you’ve not yet seen a Sense 2.5 interface.

I like my phone’s homescreen/tab to squeeze a lot into the standard space, and keep tight controls on what is allowed to expand in size. Using CHT, I have six different screens available, the “top” ones in the pictures above are selected by swiping left or right, and the “bottom” ones are just an extension of the top ones, again accessible by swiping. You can control whether you want any screens added to the bottom/left/right and also which one is the default one. The five large icons at the bottom are to access your default browser, the phone’s keypad, all the other Sense tabs (see the last three pictures), settings and also to lock your phone.
How you layout the homescreen(s) is entirely up to you – you can decide whether to use it purely for standard program shortcuts, special widgets (such as the WiFi power, data connection etc.) and standard windows for music, notifications, clocks etc. or a mixture of any of them.
You can spend a lot of time tweaking the layout, colour schemes and actual content of your home tab, just don’t forget to backup your masterpiece before you flash a new ROM or hard reset your phone!