Aug 15 2009

Cleaner Output From Dirty Input?

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 3:15 pm

Here in Kazakhstan, new rules are to be bought into place, (wow, just checked and July this year was the date apparently) regarding allowable emissions from cars. The aim is to bring Kazakh cars to Euro-2 standards, however there is one small problem, as pointed out by Zara – the higher quality, lower emission causing petrol and diesel that powers these more tightly regulated vehicles are not to be legislated for until January next year! It will be interesting to see how a company, that is mainly industrial, handles ecological reforms like this – whether the big Kamazs, Soviet-era buses and the like, all critical to an already weakened construction industry will be checked and taken off the road if found to fail, or if certain exemptions will be provided, or perhaps just officials looking the other way whilst they re-check whether they can yet afford that second car.