Aug 17 2007

CIA And The Vatican Exposed!

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Wikipedia Scanner – doing the leg work most of us can’t be bothered to go through…

As you will know if you are at all interested in Wikipedia, for most pages, anyone can edit them. This of course leads to issues when two sets of people have different views on what is reality. This leads to some pages requiring a login before you can make changes. Wikipedia Scanner is a tool that matches already existing information (the IP address of who made specific edits on any page) with the name of the company that own the IP, from a table of reverse look ups, I assume…
Anyway, Wikipedia Scanner shows that the CIA, or more accurately someone using a computer connected to the CIA’s network, edited a page relating to Iran’s president. The Vatican has also been shown to have made changes to a page on Gerry Adams, the Sinn Fein leader.
No word from the Vatican as of yet, though a CIA spokesperson appeared to whimper a little, then trot out the flag waving, are you a patriot or the enemy style …. “I’d like in any case to underscore a far larger and more significant point that no one should doubt or forget: The CIA has a vital mission in protecting the United States, and the focus of this agency is there, on that decisive work.”
Ahhh, so thats all right then :rolleyes:

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