May 03 2010

Chocolate – Apparently The Choice Food Of Evil Doers?

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 10:17 pm

According to a BBC article, Israel could have a(n even more) difficult job justifying their blockade on Gaza.
Whilst keeping ammunition, rocket fuel or night-sight equipment out of the area could easily be defended by most politicians that were keen on minimizing military supplies (or dual purpose items) flowing to Hamas, the list that was presented following legal action (similar to a UK-style FoI request I believe) displayed how normal everyday items were also being stopped from crossing the border. A few examples? Canned fruit, fruit juice, jam, chocolate are/were all banned at some point, although canned meat and tuna, mineral water, sesame paste, tea and coffee are all fine apparently.
The blockade is aimed at weakening Hamas’ grip/influence in the Gaza strip, however this sort of action merely reinforces the image for many people of a government/system in Israel that is happy to make the lives of ordinary, non-violent Palestinians worse, day by day, which some would argue merely serves Hamas’ propaganda needs, rather than really achieving it’s stated aim.

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