Feb 03 2011

Chatty Stubbing Out

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 9:23 pm

I recently registered with a company to carry out a little extra work here in Astana. As far as I can tell, I can’t actually say who they are, or what the work is, but I have already completed one task for them, and look forward to new assignments (and obviously being paid!) We are only talking small amounts of beer money, there doesn’t seem to be much call for this line of business yet in Kazakhstan and the online “paperwork” was quite in depth, but I thought it wouldn’t harm to try out new income sources.
One of the registration questions was exactly how your name appears on your ID papers, and that presented a (sort of) problem – I am Kristofer according to my Kazakh ID (as they, for some reason, transliterate from how my name is typed in Russian), though obviously Chris(topher) is my real name. A bit like how if you are not careful when searching for Alan Carr (and this decade’s award for most annoying DJ goes to…) can lead to pages on the non-smoking guru Allen Carr. From Chatty Man to Stub That Out with just a couple of misplaced letters!
Anyway, once I know whether I can reveal any more about this new line of work, I’ll happily pass on any info permitted.