Mar 29 2011

Chatroulette (Suitable For Work!)

Category: VideosChrisM @ 10:26 pm

Unlike most encounters on chatroulette, this one does NOT feature…
Old men
Men with no trousers on and something in their hand
Justin Beiber clips pretending to be a live webcam OR footage of a cure animal next to a snake, both of which are attempts to convince young ladies to ensure their chest doesn’t overheat

However, it does have a funny love song, a woman happy to listen to it, and a lot of preparation.
I know it is a bit soppy, but it has survived in Google Reader for 10 days (if I can’t decide to post something, I keep marking it as unread. Eventually I either get bored of it and let it disappear, or embed it if I still think it is worthy of your attention).