May 06 2011

Chaser Becomes The Chasee(e?)

Category: Anna's Videos,Eating Out,Friends,PersonalChrisM @ 1:59 pm

Arrrrgh. Someone remind to get back to tagging posts sometime soon. Please? Back down to about 25% of the posts with proper (checked, not just auto-generated) tags again! Anyway, the final post from the 15th of May 2010, again at Ali Ba Ba with DanC’s family and Walton. Can’t honestly remember right now if Assel managed to make it over, or if she was busy at work.
Anyway, looking back at this video now, it is really cute to see Anna tottering around, still not totally stable on her feet. At one point it looks as though Anna is attempting a game of Kiss-Chase with Aidan, which given his reputation with girls, is quite the turn around!
In case you’ve not been before, this video gives a small glimpse as to how Ali BaBa looks, though you’ll need to return to the previous post to get an idea of how the side tables look.