Oct 20 2013

Ear Worm Getting Ready To Attach/Burrow…

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Following on in the vein of e-dubble, Game Theory, 360, Bassnectar’s remix of Ellie Goudling’s Lights, Gotye, Dubstep Snowman, Butch Clancy’s dubstep remix of Foster The People’s Pumped Up Kicks, Dub FX, pretty much anything by Rap News, the song Speakerbox – I Like That and video (Perfect Day), Ewan Dobson, United We Rise, Groovy Dancing Girl’s moves to Daft Punk and Greyson Chance’s rendition of Paparazzi, here we have this year’s current contender for “I like this, but could my brain please stop rendering it quite so often at random please?” award…

Craig Vapour’s own words regarding this track…

This song was written for my dear friends Dauren and Kuralay who got married in September 2013. (That’s them chatting in the middle of the track, too!)

Whilst drum & bass feature heavily in the sets I’ve had the pleasure to experience so far, Craig’s production of the track above will, I hope, encourage you to check out his other tracks at SoundCloud, no matter what your usual aural tastes might be.

I’m going to try and embed all the other videos I linked to because, a) I know most people will be too lazy to click the links and b) I’d really like to have them all in one post for when I want to play them. Which reminds me, I need some sort of unique phrase here that means I can search for, and find, this post easily in the future. Ah… apparently “ear worm” has not yet been used on this blog. That will do.

If you’re reading this on the front page of this site, click the link below to see the rest of this post (and therefore the actual videos)…

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Jun 16 2013

Game Of Thrones

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Most definitely a fair amount of NSFW language here, but if you want a summary of most of the last series of Game Of Thrones in less than five minutes, you can’t do much better than this 🙂

“I got dragons bitch!”

This was originally a tweet from a week ago, but I got bored trying to sort alignment issues with “Asides” posts.

Jun 16 2013

Ignorance Is A Choice

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“Ignorance is a choice, in the age of the internet”

“Some praise these acts as heroic, worthy of mimicking. Other condemn them as illegal and prohibited. But, can’t both be equally applicative?”

The choice of song is quite clever… Snow – Informer 🙂

Another Rap News video from almost three years ago…

Both videos have occasional NSFW language, though nothing truly shocking.

Eagle-eyed readers of this blog may have noticed some posts and tweets have disappeared. They have been put back to draft status for a few weeks whilst I wait from some paperwork to be completed.

Apr 01 2013

Tangents Are Fun To Follow

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And so the latest artist to pop into my random clicking? E-dubble

The Freestyle Friday tracks display a rawer talent, and perhaps my predilection for rap/hip-hop that isn’t all about bee-atches and guns.

Whilst I have your attention, if you have ever enjoyed any of the Rap Battle News embeds on this blog, you may just find this WordPress-based video of interest.

Or not. But if you get a few spare minutes, please do check both of these videos out. Take the mick and/or ignore them forever more, but I like the style, and check the URL here – ChrisMerriman.com – in years past, I posted a lot about Kazakhstan, Windows Mobile apps & custom ROMs and conspiracy theories. If you’re still here, then maybe you occasionally enjoy the randomness and find some things of interest?

Oh, I almost forgot, e-dubble’s site can be found here.

Mar 25 2013

Game Theory MashUp Video

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Game Theory from Ithaca Audio on Vimeo.

I think this will be on heavy rotation for a while!

Mar 01 2013

Videos To Make You Roll Your Eyes

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OK, so there are some Russian driving incidents in here as well, but I’ve not got a separate category for that!

Compilation of dashcam videos (titled as Russian, though I think a few are from other countries) –

Almaty (Kazakhstan’s old capital city) lane abuse (drivers deciding they are in too much of a rush to stay on their side of the road) –

Stopping Almaty lane abuse 🙂 (I’m impressed with the guy’s attitude, but unless he has a lot of money to pay for repairs, and a weapon in the car to scare off any nutters not wanting to return to their side of the road, I can’t help fearing for his safety) –

Aktau road rage (The bibib page seems to apportion blame a little one-sidedly in this one) –

Mar 01 2013

Young Russians Driving

Category: VideosChrisM @ 12:33 pm

Eight year old Kareena Mikulchik from St. Petersburg is driving at speeds up to 60mph! The action takes place on a snowy country road, with her parents in the car!
Taken from here, thanks to Irina for the heads up. Apparently a lot of comments being left are actually supporting her parents!

Another one, this time no parents involved…

Mar 01 2013

360 Videos

Category: VideosChrisM @ 1:20 am

As a quick break from my random memories and witterings regarding Australia, I want to post a few music videos by 360. Although the look and tattoos may cause some people to assume his music will “just” be rap/hip hop and not hold much interest for them, do check these out when you get a moment. I came across him via Ellie Goulding’s music, and had hoped to catch him playing a gig in Sydney or Brisbane, but no one could find details of anything happening whilst I was in the country.
Anyway, those of you who know me on facebook will have seen some of these thumbnailed before, or possibly even played them. I’ll forgive you for not watching the same ones again, but to anyone else, check these out, please 🙂

360 – Child

360 – My Old School

360 feat. Gossling – Boys Like You

360 – Facebook Fiend

360 – The Ghost Inside

360 feat GMC – Shutterbug

Some of his tracks are perfect for the gym, others just for listening and thinking about the lyrics.
You can check his website out here, though it is either down right now or bizarrely blocked here in Kazakhstan. Anyway, if you sign up to his mailing list, you can access Please Be Seated and Please Be Seated 2, a couple of mixtape style albums.

Hmm, if it works, the following YouTube embed should play all of the tracks from Please Be Seated 2…

Oct 17 2012

Dana Gillespie and her London Blues Band

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Dana Gillespie and her London Blues Band
(This photo is from wikipedia, taken at a different concert, I think the pianist is different as well).

Right, I have finally uploaded the videos shot at the Blues concert I attended Friday last, at the “Palace of Peace and Reconciliation” (or the pyramid, which is bit less of a mouthful to pronounce). Dana Gillespie and her London Blues Band were playing, and our friend Lara organized things so a few mates could attend.

Dana Gillespie quoting from Koran

(check out YouTube’s auto-transcription of the lyrics by visiting the video’s YT page!)

I had heard that she worked with David Bowie and other stars during the 60s, and also did some film work. It wasn’t until I came across the following image that I worked out why some male friends had no problem recalling her.

Dana Gillespie

Wow, this post was supposed to be published a long time ago. There was going to be more text accompanying it, but I’m clicking Publish before I forget again, as with the Australia and UK trips being imminent, I realize that posting might be sparse for a while.

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Oct 17 2012

Rap News 16

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If you’re not interested specifically in the USA election (seriously? with the global impact the result could have??), please do consider checking Juice Media’s back catalogue of other videos, well worth spending a few minutes to catch up with.

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