Jan 12 2010

Davay Davay Baris!

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It was around two years ago that I went to my first ice hockey game, and just before Christmas (Xmas Eve’s Eve I think) I went with DanD and JohnA to go and see Baris (Astana’s team) play a Russian side. Having now been to two matches, I almost feel confident enough to guess what the hell is going on. Sometimes. DanD found the following website, that does a pretty good job of explaining what is going on, in simple terms. Just wish he’d found it before hand 🙂


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Oct 15 2009

Almost full time, player broug…

Category: Kazakhstan,Pictures,Sport,TweetsChrisM @ 12:45 pm

Almost full time, player brought down. Pic 3 of 3 from Kazakhstan vs. Croatia match in Astana last night http://twitpic.com/ll6u4

Our "Man Of The Match" - Kazakh Goalkeeper For Only Letting Two Past Him

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Oct 15 2009

Teams line up in preparation f…

Category: Kazakhstan,Pictures,Sport,TweetsChrisM @ 12:43 pm

Teams line up in preparation for the national anthems http://twitpic.com/ll6b9

Kazakhstan & Croatia teams line up. 14th October 2009

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Oct 15 2009

Pre match knockabout. 1of3 pho…

Category: Kazakhstan,Pictures,Sport,TweetsChrisM @ 12:35 pm

Pre match knockabout. 1of3 photos from last night’s Kazakhstan v Croatia football match. Bad data speeds @ the time http://twitpic.com/ll523

Kazakhstan vs. Croatia Pre-Match Kickabout

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Oct 14 2009

Kazakhstan vs. Croatia

Category: Friends,Personal,SportChrisM @ 6:07 pm

I am off to watch the Kazakhstan vs. Croatia match this evening, in Astana’s new football stadium. It will be the first proper match I’ve attended in about, oh, 20-odd years ?!? Thanks to DanD and his friend for invite and sorting the tickets ahead of time. Looking at predictions on the net, most think it will be an easy win for Croatia, though a couple of people thought that Kazakhstan had a slim chance of at least a draw. Will try and grab some photos/tweet if I remember.

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Oct 13 2009

Someone Wants Tickets!

Category: Kazakhstan,SportChrisM @ 4:26 pm

The anonymous author of KZBlog has posted about the Shumenov v. Campillo rematch that many have been waiting for. For fuller details, go and read the blog post linked to, but basically the Kazakh guy narrowly lost on a points decision in the last round. Obviously his supporters in the crowd felt this was wrong, and there was a whiff of a doping scandal when his opponent (Campillo) disappeared right when he was required to undergo a drugs test. Anyway, all that wasn’t the main reason I noticed the post, it was that the author can be clearly seen pleading subtly hinting for a ticket to this rematch, as he knows some of the Kazakh boxer’s family, indirectly. Good luck to both of them!

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Jun 19 2009

Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is Just

Category: In The Media,Kazakhstan,SportChrisM @ 12:29 am

A train coming down the tracks the wrong way? Wow, it has been a LONG time since any post on this site was under the ‘sport’ category. Sorry, back to my badly mauled expression. KZBlog wrote a piece titled ‘Light At The End Of The Tunnel‘ on the problems effecting (affecting? why is it I can never remember which is which, like defence and defense?) Team Astana (a cycling team recently made famous by Lance Armstrong’s arrival). This was at the end of May.
However, NewEurasia reported in the last few days that it looks as though the team could be suspended ahead of the July deadline originally thought to be the target to get more government / commercial sponsor money. I have occasionally seen some members of the team training on Astana’s public roads, which in itself is quite an accomplishment – the idea of a Kamaz smashing into me whilst cycling is more than enough to convince me that biking around Astana city is a hobby/mode of transport best left to others.

Team Astana Bike
= !

And yes, I am trying to clear down all the news items I bookmarked recently for inclusion on this blog, before I start the catch up process with Anna’s photos. More news stories to come, I’ll try and intersperse a few with pictures of our beautiful baby daughter, but that may need to wait until tomorrow.

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Feb 14 2009

Watching Eng v Wales in a rroo…

Category: Sport,TweetsChrisM @ 5:44 pm

Watching Eng v Wales in a rroom full of Welsh people. 3-0 so far, to Wales…

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Oct 16 2008

Congratulations To Wales

Category: In The Media,SportChrisM @ 3:45 am

OK, so a score line of 1-0 with the football team you are congratulating being on the losing side wouldn’t normally give rise to a post like this, but when you are playing Germany, 1-0 is quite a respectable result IMO. If you compare the track record of both sides, you can see that managing to not only keep the goal difference down to one, but also only allowing a single goal to be scored in the first place is certainly an achievement. If you are interested in a proper football pundit’s run down on the match, click here.

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Jun 19 2008

Charlie Chav

Category: In The Media,SportChrisM @ 3:14 am

Charlie Chav London Olympics 2012 Mascot

The above is NOT the official 2012 London Olympics mascot. It is just suggestion #7 from BBC News site readers. The Burberry cap, graffiti can and untied shoe laces certainly invoke a stereotypical of young Britons, especially the type with a £250 Vauxhall Nova pumping out bass from their £1500 ICE (In Car Entertainment) system. (Any friends that draw parallels between this cartoon character, its implied anti-socialness and my own lack of knots in my trainers will be swiftly dealt with 😉 ).
I originally thought that Charlie spelt that way was a girl’s name, but apparently it is unisex. So, has anyone thought that they would actually like as a mascot? I’m just hoping it isn’t too clichéd, or obscure (lions and bulldogs spring to mind) …

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