Jul 21 2012

Dan, Justin & I are off to…

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Dan, Justin & I are off to Borovoe this evening, J & I not been before. Anna enjoying pool for first time in weeks http://t.co/G2VodNBL

Anna Cooling Off In The Pool

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Jul 10 2012

Astana Park Tweets

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About a week ago we went to Astana park on a couple of different days, and rather than have this site’s front page be almost entirely tweet-based, I’m putting the photos and text into one post.

Whilst in the park, I watched a transverse (push left, it goes right, and vice versa) bike competition (pay an entrance fee, manage to cylce about 30m and you got a good payout. I heard Black Lace’s “Agadoo” being played over some speakers near by. Real blast from the past!

The cafe shown is Otrar, it had much improved decor in the outside section, compared to a visit two years ago. Sadly, the pizza was not really average even 🙁

Jul 01 2012

Tim enjoying some plov – http:…

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Tim enjoying some plov – http://t.co/6HlKto9L
Anna is not Anna. She is hidden-by-a-blanket-Anna apparently http://t.co/Y8NpkrUq

Tim Devouring Some Plov

Anna Or Possibly Just A Blanket

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Jun 26 2012

Saturday Pool Compilation

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So once again the blog looks a bit strange with so many tweets, and as I was about to embed the linked to pictures, I thought I might as well compile all the words and photos into one post.
So, on Friday we went to Metro to buy a new paddling pool for Tim and Anna. The old one was a series of inflatable rings, which unfortunately had a couple of punctures. The new one is 3 metres in diameter, and made up of poles, joints and a big plastic canvas. It takes around 4400 litres of water to fill up the pool, and the ground it sits upon is not level, so we are hoping that it doesn’t cause problems.
On the Saturday, which was Irina’s Dad’s birthday, the pool was set up, and filled up. Tim, Anna and Irina all seemed to enjoy their time in it. After I had gone over to Interhouse’s office to teach a couple of English lessons, I returned to Chubary and joined the family and friends that had since arrived to start the birthday celebrations.

Jun 21 2012

Tiflis.Ira had lovely hair sty…

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Tiflis.Ira had lovely hair styling.Meal=almost wk/end treat4us http://t.co/IInCk7KT http://t.co/x79z1sgl http://t.co/NP6gDzFy

Live Singing. Apparently Costs 1000 Tenge Per Table!

Anna Having Enjoyed Her Milkshake

Tim And Irina

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Jun 17 2012

Father’s Day 2012

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Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddys out there! I had a lovely huge card from Anna & Tim, a relaxing couple of little snoozes, and a few drinks. Nice to chill out 🙂
The paddling pool got it’s 1st outing this year. Tim & Anna seem to be enjoying it. It was also Muska’s first weekend outside of the in-laws’ house!
This is another compilation post culled from a couple of tweets, to try and balance things out a little on the front page.

Jun 14 2012

Treat lunch at Il Patio (Prosp…

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Treat lunch at Il Patio (Prospekt Respublika branch) with Irina, Anna & Tim. Sushi (Ira) and pizza (me & Anna) – http://t.co/TMEetBMM

Tim, Anna & Irina At Il Patio, Astana, Kazakhstan

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Jun 05 2012

Jubilee Party In The Park

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Once again, this is a quick summary of a few tweets and photos from yesterday. I’ll also add some pictures that Lara and Marina took.
Lara organized the event, with the idea of it also being an alternative to the Queen’s Birthday Party that most of us have been attending every year here in Astana. With John and Inessa now gone from Kazakhstan, our QBP invites have not magically appeared, so Lara decided to have an alternative QBP/Jubilee celebration. We toyed with the idea of renting a yurta out by Metro, but the cost and prohibition on bringing your own food or drink (there is a cafe at the same location) meant that we held it at a park near Highvill, and then moved on to Dan & Lara’s flat afterwards. Lots of delicious food (marmite sandwiches, mini-beefburgers and some Long Island Iced Teas were my personal highlights), and we had various forms of entertainment. The bits I remember were Dan finally playing some Green Day on his guitar (and I think Paul also played on his guitar), some Dombra-playing, and a game of Which Monarch Am I?

OK, I’m publishing this post now, otherwise it will sit as a draft forever. I’ll try to remember to add a few picture titles later.

May 18 2012

Graffitti artists at work (Asi…

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Graffitti artists at work (Asia Park) http://t.co/9MnGIhtZ

Arty Anna

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Apr 27 2012

When I was young,this was all …

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When I was young,this was all fields http://t.co/979Wwpl3 http://t.co/AgGDdANS http://t.co/P1s4LbRf http://t.co/I2OwEhzP

Tim, Ira & Anna In Bayterek, Astana

View From Bayterek Tower

Another View From Bayterek Tower

Final View From Bayterek Tower

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