Dec 01 2011

Anna – December 2010

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Getting slack at catching up with Anna’s photos again, and I realise that Tim hasn’t appeared much recently. These photos seems to cover pigtails again, snowcraft, a messy mouth & city building. We seem to be missing anything from Christmas time, I’ll have a search around tomorrow.

arrrrgh, didn’t click save after updating all the photo titles. Need some sleep, will try and work on this tomorrow.

Make that a week later.

Nov 23 2011

Anna – November 2010

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Almost at the end of last year’s photos of Anna, these pictures reside in the following folders on our hard drive…

Winter Is Coming, Chubary Living Room, Pigtails, Big Hat And Monitor Talking, Big Hat Again, Two Babas, Chubary, Painting and Eating In Chubary

Nov 05 2010

No Subs Yet

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However, here is the video I mentioned earlier in the week. I’ll see if we can get some sort of translation done by the weekend, but the basic idea is a discussion on whether black cats are lucky or unlucky. I’d personally be more inclined to say they are just cats. If you push me on the point, I’d agree some are black. However as the journalist was a friend, and she needed a foreigner to give her a nice quote on some interesting good luck omens we apparently have back in Britain, I was happy to oblige 🙂
You’ll see Karra and Muska in there, as well as Anna enjoying playing with the cats’ toy.

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Nov 03 2010

Karra And Others

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This morning, while Anna and I were at her regular Wednesday kindergarten, Astana TV ran a piece on black cats that I mentioned previously. Someone somewhere recorded it via a camcorder hooked up to the RCA outputs on a cable box, and left me the tape.
Anna, Muska, Karra and I all make a brief appearance (given that she has black fur and is a cat, Karra was on screen for the longest 🙂 ). Now all I have to do is hope some kind soul with a disposable YouTube account uploads it soon, so I can embed the video here!
The journalist is obviously speaking in Russian, so I’ll hopefully find a version with English subtitles. On a related note, checking YouTube will be a faster experience for us from next month, as we have upgraded to MegaLine’s Turbo Plus account, meaning we will get our first 20Gb per month at a speed of 1 to 8 Mbit/sec. Again, as with our current 1Mbit account, after those 20Gb have been exceeded, the speed will be throttled down again.
Hooray for faster internet! Though I’ll have to be careful as we will soon be able to exceed our monthly limit within about three hours of the first day of the month!

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Oct 12 2010

Karra – soon to be star of the…

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Karra – soon to be star of the Astana TV channel news programme!

Karra Checking The Cameraman's Work Is Satisfactory

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Oct 12 2010

Just shot this clip (#qik) htt…

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Just shot this clip (#qik)
Karra and Anna being filmed for a piece on black cats not being unlucky. Due for broadcast at some random point (I’m guessing on a slow news day?) on the Astana channel here in Kazakhstan.

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Oct 12 2010

Just shot this clip (#qik) htt…

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Muska being filmed for a piece on the news! Don’t know the cameraman, but the journalist is Balzhan, our friend.
Just shot this clip (#qik)

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Feb 09 2010

Furry Feline Friends

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As YouTube is still not displaying the Video Upload page :(, I thought I would take the opportunity to post a picture that Irina snapped recently. Karra and Muska (sisters) are our cats, and other than play fights/chases around the flat, they get on pretty well. Occasionally, they snooze next to each other, and even if the temperature hasn’t dropped, they will hug or cuddle. This time it was on the settee…

Hugs On The Sofa

Hugs On The Sofa

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Dec 05 2009

Another Potential ICHC Submittal?

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This time we have Kara sat in one of her favourite places in our flat – way up high, next to the ceiling, on top of a cupboard in the kitchen. She jumps from the floor to a work surface (naughty, don’t go there, which is normally met with a look of disinterest), from there to the top of the fridge/freezer, a small hop up to a shelf, and then a little jump left onto the cupboard.
I love the green laser eyes 🙂

Kara Scans The Room

Kara Scans The Room


Dec 04 2009

ICHC Fodder?

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This is a shot of Tishka’s kittens, back when three out of the original four hadn’t yet found new homes. Ksusha is still left, and it looks like she may end up taking up permanent residence 🙂
Anyway, all three liked to relax in Anna’s rocking horse/chair, and so rather than fight, they all just squeezed in.

Tishka's Kittens - Three Left - In Horse Chair

Tishka's Kittens - Three Left - In Horse Chair

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