Jun 21 2007

Cat + Window = Heart Attack

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The title pretty much says it all. A little background before the photo though, the temperature over here is now steadily rising. Today it was around 32 or 33 degrees (centigrade 😉 ) outside, and tomorrow’s forecast is for 38.
As we still do not have an air conditioning system here, the only option really is to have the windows and balcony doors open in the evening and over-night, when it is cooler, and then keep them shut in the daytime, to try and preserve the cooler air in the flat.
The main problem with this is our kittens. I can not help but imagine them trying to chase a fly right out the window, and as we live on the 4th floor (3rd to UK readers), that would not be at all healthy for the cats.
We can open the doors on the alternate hinges, so they open at the top, rather than the side, but this does not allow as much air in. So, we have recently had ‘supervised’ sessions with the kittens, where we sit on the balcony and try to ensure the cats do not do anything silly. Irina seems a lot more comfortable with this than me, I keep getting so nervous that my palms sweat. Ira does raise a good point though, if we do not have a stool near the window, the cats are liable to try and jump up on the narrow internal window ledge, which would not be good.
Anyway, enough of the talking, here is a photo from this evening, with Karra watching the traffic go by…

Cat Plus Window Equals Heart Attack

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